Monthly Archives: January 2012

Junior Infants playing with all their new toys!

The pupils in Junior Infants are having great fun playing with all of their new toys. Thank you to all those who contributed lots of toys to the Junior Infant classroom. Ms. Murphy and all the boys and girls say THANK YOU very much!

The Haka

Don’t mess with us!!!!!!!

Play Time in 6th Class

Book Fair

We look forward to our school Book Fair which will be held on Tuesday 21st February – Friday 24th February. Each class will be given an opportunity to view the books available at the Book Fair.

Opening Times :
12.30pm-1pm each day for pupils from Rang 1- Rang 6.

2pm-3pm each day for parents/guardians. Infants can visit the Book Fair at this time with an adult.

7pm-9pm Friday 24th for all pupils, parents and guardians.



Netball Lessons For 6th Class

We learned how much fun netball is with the help of Catherine O’Neill.

AppInventor 6th Class

Conor helping us along the way

Discovering our talents in creativity through AppInventor