‘This’ was our very busy Tuesday!

We are working on a new sight word ‘this’. We read a story with ‘this’, wrote sentences on our whiteboards and created our words using playDoh.

We learnt lots of new balances with our new coach, Ken during our first session of gymnastics.

We are working on the theme of The Restaurant in Aistear. We are loving making ‘fork paintings’, building restaurants, role playing The Restaurant in our role play area, ordering burgers from ‘Billy’s, Poachers Inn and O Reillys in our Small World and making food with our play Doh.

Junior Infants….our story so far…


We have learnt so many new ‘sight’ words over the past few weeks. We love making our words out of Play doh and using our word cards to make small sentences. We are starting to blend our sounds to make cvc words.

We are also working on our fine motor skills using stickers and tweezers and practising our patterns on out white boards and sand trays.

We are building TALL snd Short towers using cubes in maths . We also have been grouping objects in to sets according to colours, sizes, shapes and associations and also identifying objects which do not belong to a set.


The Home:

Cutting and Construction: Cut and pasted Houses

Role Play: Played ’house’

Construction: Built houses

Small world: Built houses with Lego

Play Doh: made items associated with the home

The Doctors Surgery

Cutting and pasting- Cutting and pasting Witches

Play Doh: Mades faces with small pox and measles.

Tuft Tray: Children played with water beads and made medicines

Construction: We made ambulances using mobilio

Role Play: we played doctors and nurses to lots of sick patients. The receptionist was very busy!

PE, Playground Pals and DRAMA!!

We are learning catching and throwing skills using beanbags in PE and are loving playing with our ’playground pals’ on Wednesdays during big break. Pam is teaching us drama in the hall on Fridays.

A busy start!

We have been very busy in Junior Infants learning LOTS of new things.
We have been learning the S and A sounds and learning how to write them. We are using the ’nip it, flip it and grip it’ rhyme to hold our pencils. We are learning to use our scissors using our chop,chop chop….thumb on top’ rhyme. We are coloring and matching and learning lots of new words is irish. We have learnt of new songs. It really has been BUSY!!

Let the adventure begin!

What an amazing first day we had settling in to Junior Infants. Here is only a selection of activities we packed into our 1st day. We played, coloured, sang new songs, listened to stories, went on yard, took our our books and pencil cases and most important, ate our lunch!! We are looking forward to all the adventures ahead in thr coming days and months. 😃📚✏️