Making Prints in 4th Class

Gemma O’Shea has been working with us in 4th Class for a few weeks. She has explored different parts of the Visual Arts programme with us. Today we made our own prints. It was very interesting and our prints are amazing!!!!!!

3rd class visited the Lifetime Lab



On Weds 21st our class went to the Lifetime Lab. We learned all about energy and forces but focused mainly on magnetism and electricity.



We explored the relationship between magnets and compasses whilst locating points on a map of Cork City.


We learned that a path around which electricity can flow is called a CIRCUIT.

We then used what we know about electricity circuits to help us with some building projects.

 Lights in a model house.


 Steady Hand Buzzer Game
(at least its not her good hand in a sling!)
      Clown Bow Spinner 
We just about had time for a little bit of fun!

6th Class Say NO to smoking





We explored the effects of just 2 cigarettes on our lungs using a plastic bottle and some cotton wool.

We were surprised at the results and agreed that we would NEVER take up this horrible habit.

Ash Wednesday


Today is Ash Wednesday. The children of all classes received the ashes today. It marks the beginning of Lent.

“Remember, You are dust, and unto dust you shall return.

Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel.

Repent and hear the Good News”

Some of the children of Fifth class are giving up:

watching TV, white bread, sweets, crisps, fizzy drinks and biscuits.

Some have chosen to do their homework quicker, fight less with younger brothers and sisters, help out more at home and to get more fresh air. All sounds good, only 40 days to go!!