It’s a dog’s life.

Today Dawn, from Dogs Trust Ireland paid us a visit. We learnt all about how to care for our dogs. Dawn told us all about McGyver, the boxer dog who they found a loving home for. We really enjoyed meeting her dog Piper, a lurcher mix. DF168923-7BAA-4274-A896-12A265468F25 7352C45A-ED08-4BEA-A394-ED3421A89091 443D1543-4C7D-46AA-A213-042EB7FCE75C 811DDCFD-B799-4AD6-A928-AF3320BC9506 75BBC797-0D3C-409A-BCB4-289DF5612412 BDF7FBF0-A863-435B-8164-ACCDF49C7CEE 182756C7-5A89-4F42-B5DC-48075A04775F 48837144-79E4-4BB9-B98A-D18BB27A5EDF EC77CCF9-6A8D-4ADF-A1F2-FE8B33E2DD08 CD539EC6-C5C2-4509-9F6E-168AB5C891EB 96A06195-1F92-40CC-8C39-6B3DB702D2E4