A Christmas Poem from 6th class to you

This Year’s Christmas 🎄

This year has been an odd one, it’s true. Covid has made us all feel blue. But Christmas this year must be the best, one to outshine all the rest.

Families gather around their fires, watching the flames reach higher and higher. Not a thought about anything except, the upcoming holiday, the Lords day

Children are bubbling with joy, at the thought of Santa bringing a toy. Parents sip their coffee and peer at the sight of all the lovely toys, each one perfect for all the girls and boys.

Relatives arrive for Christmas Dinner sweet, of turkey and ham and all kinds of meat. The crackers are pulled the tables clear, everyone still filled with Christmas cheer.

Christmas songs playing throughout the night, as people are looking at the tree covered in light. Baubles, tinsel and of course the star, towering on top gleaming from afar.

To everyone who can’t be here on this special day, I guess we really just want to say, Merry Christmas from far away, we wish you could come and stay.

Christmas this year must be one to remember, to hold in our hearts to push through this December.

By Siobhán, Ciara and Amy