Sustainability Project

2nd class recently completed projects on Sustainability. Their task was to come up with an idea to help future proof our environment. Thanks to Coughlans Bookshop in Clonakilty for sponsoring the prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd place. All other children received a book about nature. The children were very proud to present their projects in front of their peers. Well done to all involved. The ideas were very innovative.

Investigating Soil

We took full advantage of the beautiful weather today and completed our science lesson outdoors. We analysed the soil from our school garden. We then mixed water through a small sample of the soil and watched it settle.


2nd class have been introduced to programming using a colourful floor robot called a beebot. It helps teach control, directional language and programming whilst also encorporating sequencing, estimation and problem-solving skills. We will continue to extend this learning over the next few weeks.

This is a website that we used to help us navigate how to use the beebot.