We hope to use this blog to showcase both the work the students have done, and the activities they have taken part in.

Chocolate Marshmallow Towers

Rang a trĂ­ had great fun with this STEM challenge yesterday. They were learning all about solids, liquids and gases. They then changed chocolate from a solid to a liquid and made towers out of marshmallows. They had to think on their feet and problem solve as some of their plans and designs had to […]

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Junior Infants Aistear

Junior infants are really enjoying Aistear. Our theme this month is At The Restaurant.

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TV Advertisements

Third class have been learning all about persuasive language the last couple of weeks. Today we were planning a TV advert for a product we choose. We have our scripts written and can’t wait to put them into practice.

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Young Engineers

Fourth class have worked in teams over the past few weeks to brainstorm ideas and create solutions to problems in our community.

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Classical Music Workshop

We enjoyed our 1st music workshop delivered through Zoom!

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We made butter!

Rang 5 made butter from cream and enjoyed a tasty snack of crackers and butter!

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Rang 5 are getting lots of post this week!

As part of Science Week, Rang 5 designed a package to transport a crisp without smashing it. They posted their package back to school to investigate if their package was strong enough!

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