Super scientists in Rang a 3

Rang a 3 investigated which everyday household items can be classified as acids and bases in class today using red cabbage as an indicator. Pupils became scientists as they made predictions before conducting the experiment and finding their results.

Pupils used their measurement skills to ensure the results were fair and accurate.
Pupils used the red cabbage pH scale to identify whether the substance tested was categorised as an acid, neutral or a base.
Pupils arranged their mixtures according to the red cabbage pH scale.

Getting Creative with STEM Projects during Lockdown

Despite Lockdown, the boys and girls in 4th Class have kept busy over the past few weeks working on a STEM Playground Project.

Some boys and girls have sent on pictures of their constructions while others are continuing to work on theirs over the coming weeks.

Here are some of the incredible playground designs so far – all unique but equally creative and innovative – I have also been told there has been efforts by family members in the creation/construction of some of the projects, it’s great to see such inspiring teamwork in the present circumstances.

Well done you should all be so proud of your work!!

Patrick’s Project
Caoimhe’s Project
Alex’s Project
Mia’s Project
Dylan’s Project
Grace’s Project
Amy’s Project
Roisín’s Project